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NCSA Official PartnerMichiana Repetition has partnered with NCSA (Next College Student Athlete) to provide state of the art recruiting technology and exposure assistance. Within this platform you will be able to build a comprehensive online recruiting profile, find the right fit schools through our match technology, connect with every program in the country through an integrated email system, and track all program and coach connections through a coach activity report.  For those not familiar with NCSA they are currently the largest NCAA Compliant recruiting network in the world where over 44,000 college coaches, and over 27,000 college programs currently go to identify and pre-evaluate, and recruit student-athletes.
Every year college coaches are wanting more immediate access to highlights, game film, and player information. NCSA will provide a platform for players to be able to supply that content for immediate access, while also providing a way to network and communicate with college coaches across the country.
What does this partnership mean?
  • Players receive a free profile listed in the largest database of college coaches
  • Every player should fill out this profile so that our coaching staff get updates on their recruiting activity (college coach views, follows and searches)
  • Every family has the option to schedule a Recruiting Assessment to learn more from the NCSA Team about how you can use your profile and what type of access you have thanks to our partnership
  • If you’d like to invest in a premium NCSA membership which will provide you additional resources and access, families will receive a 20% discount 
What’s next?
  • Start your profile. Team members should at a minimum build their profiles to be searchable by college coaches. 
  • Talk to the NCSA Team and schedule your Recruiting Assessment, regardless of whether you just want the free profile or more access.
  • We encourage all families to take advantage of this opportunity to advance their recruiting journey.
Roster page: https://team.ncsasports.org/teams/baseball/IN/michiana-repetition-5bc7460d-ef94-4351-aa28-a2f11fdfa26f

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