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Certified Mike Epstein Hitting

Private Hitting Instruction

I am a certified Epstein Hitting Instructor and have 20 years of experience as a player and coach.  My goal as an instructor is to produce a great swing and teach my students how to hit. Through video analysis and homework drills my students will develop the skill set to self-correct their mistakes as a hitter.

7 Lessons for one student is $200.
7 Lessons for two students are $250.

*The first lesson is a free consultation.

Elevate Your Sport IQ

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to become an elite athlete.  We offer specific skill development in a variety of sports for players at all levels from ages 9 to 18.  We also help our elite athletes gain the exposure they need to attract attention from travel teams and eventually college scouts.

Sports-Specific Skill Development

We want to prepare our athletes to compete at the top level.  We focus on building the skills they need to one day earn an athletic scholarship and play at the collegiate level.
We offer skill development for baseball, football (7 on 7), softball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.  Our highly experienced staff will instruct players on how to operate on both sides of the ball.

Training for Travel Team

College scouts are surveying the field of travel teams even before high school.  Michiana Repetition offers a variety of services to help attract their attention.  Our training programs will increase athletic performance and help with networking through our team of skilled coaches.

Even before students reach their junior and senior years' at high school, scouts are already surveying the field of travel teams looking for that diamond in the rough. Michiana Repetition offers a number of services to help attract the attention of scouts, ranging from various training programs to improve athletic performance to networking through our team of current and former players and coaches.

6 Week Catcher Skills/ Hitting Class

Every team needs a great catcher! In this class we work on key skills such as good footwork, receiving, throwing, and blocking. This 90-minute class will also include private hitting instructions, video analysis, and homework drills. Six week class $180 per student.

catcher Softball catcher

Baseball Player

6 week Defensive All-skills/ Hitting Class:

We will customize this class to fit the skill set of each student.  The first part of class will be hitting instruction.  The last part will focus on developing or refining the student's defensive skill set.  We will work on ground ball and fly ball fielding/catching technique, throwing, and footwork.  Video analysis is included and homework drills will be assigned.
6 week class for $180 per student.

6 week Core Strength/ Athletic Training/ Hitting Class

This class is intense! We want our athletes to be strong and fast.  The hitting instruction will be first.  We will work on ways to develop and refine the swing.  Then, there will be a core strength and plyo workout.  This class includes a workout program, video analysis, and homework drills.
6 week class for $180 per student.